Pentecost Service, New Members and Lunch by the canal

Pentecost is a special time in the Christian calendar, when we celebrate the Spirit coming down on the early Church which led to such amazing things to follow (as recorded in Acts).

While we did not have a fire breathing pastor as reported on the BBC, we were treated in this family service to a practical demonstration of the need of God’s power in our lives, against using our own strength. Richard after setting up his workbench tried with little success to saw a piece of wood in two with an unplugged jigsaw. This was sharply contrasted against someone who understood how to use the tools they were given, followed their training and thus plugged it into external power. So much easier and like us in this life, we may be doing the right things but we make it so hard on ourselves if we try to do things in our own strength without letting the Lord help us.

Stephanie, Alfred and their Old Pastor as they were welcomed into KBC membership.

Pentecost was also a time when the church, according to the bible, added many to its number. It was therefore a special joy to be able to invite Stephanie and Alfred into full membership during this service of thanksgiving for the gift of the Holy Spirit. We were further blessed by a visit from their former pastor who’s on a trip to the UK from Nigeria, being able to join us in their transition from his church to ours and re-commissioning them and us for the work ahead.

Membership is a special act within a Baptist Church. Day to day you would find it hard to spot members from those who chose to simply worship with us. All who believe in Jesus and his message in our church are welcomed to the Lord’s Table (taking communion), we all share in tasks around the Church, we all worship together and everyone is welcomed in the door.

The difference is a member is someone whose life has led them to undertake baptism, and who after this wants to join with the other members in a commitment to a church and through that the wider work of the Kingdom. This is achieved both in giving of their time, prayer, study of the scripture and through the members’ meeting bringing all that together to help guide the church. Seeking together in the meeting where Christ through the spirit is leading, as opposed to our own human desires. Not as easy as it may sound, but with a wide membership we hope that together we will hear all the more clearly what we are called to do. It is to this role we welcome Stephanie and Alfred and look forward to many years’ joy and exploration with them.

After the service were able to join with the other churches for an shared picnic down by the river as the sun beat down, truly a perfect end to such a special day.

Our Theme for 2024

There is but one Lord, Jesus Christ,
through whom all things came and through whom we live.

1 Corinthians 8:6