Frequently Asked Questions

And some answers…

Do you have a car park?

Sorry, No, but there is some parking on the street. Please be careful to park so our neighbours can still get to their driveways. There is good (free) parking in the centre of the village behind the Co-op only a short walk away.
What is your style of worship?

Three S’s: Sincere, Sensible, and Spiritual.

Our worship style is growing and developing using a mixture of modern and traditional songs.

Do you have a Kids club or Junior Church?

We do! There is a Crêche for the 0-3 year olds and Junior Church classes for 3-7 and 7+. All groups run at the same time as the morning service.

How long does a service last?

The morning services are typically a bit more than an hour, although we don’t plan on any particular length. We serve coffee after every service; you’re welcome to stay and chat.

What bible do you use?

Our go-to translation is the NIV, as that is widely recognised as a reliable modern version. We have copies of the Good News available to use during the service, although you’re welcome to use your own (bible or version!). 

What hymn books do you use?

We use a projector for all our songs and Hymns, but there is always a printed copy available if that suits you better.

Songs are taken from a very wide range of sources.

Do you have disabled access?

Yes, there is a ramp up to the main entrance, and most of the building is on a single level. There is no special provision made for access to the upstairs classroom.

Do you have a loop system?

There is – if you switch your hearing aid to the “T” position everything will become clear!

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