Sermons and Study Notes

We try to publish as many of our Sermons as possible – often they’re part of a teaching series – sometime they’re a one-off. It could be just the sermon, study notes or even both, and you can choose whether to use them in a group setting or for personal reflection.

Below are the teaching series; you can also find these, and a number of other individual sermons here:, or on Soundcloud at

The Letter of James

In his Letter to the early Christian Church, James sets out some helpful instructions for living.

Pieter writes, “If this Letter was an essay, James would get a weak mark for structure: he raises all kinds of subjects in no particular order. I will deal with themes from the letter and not follow it completely.”

Letter of James

Abram – a Man of Faith

A series looking at the Abram, later called Abraham, who is often referred to as a Man of Faith. But he was far from perfect, and this series explores his relationship with God, his mistakes,
but above all the example he is for us.
Abraham - Father of Faith

The Church

A series looking at the fundamentals of the church, and what makes Baptist distinctive.  The church is the people


The Revelation of God to John Book of Revelation


The Story of the formation of God’s People. Exodus


A Journey through Mark’s Gospel culminating the events of Holy Week and Easter.

Lockdown Series

We ask each person who leads our online worship to share their talk in written form so we can distribute these around the fellowship, especially to those who are unable to get online each week.


In the book of Colossians, Paul encourages the Colossian Christians to see Jesus as the centre of all reality, so they don’t give in to pressure from other religions. He addresses problems the Church faces and encourages believers to remain devoted to the exalted Jesus. colossians

Jesus Is…

…The Light of the World …The The Way, Truth and the Life

We started 2019 without a Pastor; Mike, our moderator, first guided our thoughts to our new beginnings, as a church and in Christ, then each week our Speakers were invited to examine one of Jesus’ sayings about Himself.

new beginnings

From Easter to Pentecost; and From Pentecost Onwards

A series on the journey of the early church and how we need to follow the same journey. Easter to Pentecost

How Jesus Helps People

A series from 2018 on how Jesus’ teaching helped people in His day, and how it’s still very relevant to today’s missional church. The series covered Loneliness, Broken Relationships, Failure, Doubt amongst others. How Jesus Helped People

The Kingdom of God is like…

… Yeast, … Treasure.

A series on The Kingdom of God. This ran through from the Easter season 2017 up to Pentecost and beyond. Following the Easter evidence for the Resurrection, we now look at the ‘why’. The Kingdom of God (also referred to as The Kingdom of Heaven or The Kingdom of the Son of Man) was the principle theme of Jesus’ teaching. When he began his Ministry in Galilee he proclaimed the Good News of God (the Gospel). ‘The time has come,’ he said. ‘The kingdom of God is near. Repent and believe good news’ (Mark 1:15). If this is what Jesus primarily came to tell us, then we need to learn all we can about his Kingdom.

Lessons for Life

A series of studies and sermons from 2017 asking “What is Jesus teaching me?”, taken from the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5. Least of These

Advent Studies

These daily Bible Reading Notes for December covering Advent and Christmas are based on our theme this year of Good News for All, and look in detail at the first two chapters of Luke. There is no better way to prepare for Christmas than reading and studying the birth narratives in this Gospel and using them to inspire prayer. We hope you enjoy them. Advent

God’s Radical People

This was a series of studies in the autumn of 2016 entitled God’s Radical People from Acts 2:37-47. God wants us to be a Radical People – getting to root of things… and our roots lie in the New Testament Church!

We read of the extraordinary life and witness of the New Testament Church. In just a few verses we find our standard, our pattern. It was evolving, growing, being moulded and transformed by the Holy Spirit. The Church was never meant to be a stuck, fixed, institutionalised section of society but a radical movement of transformation – moving on, changing shape, a dynamic progressive force. The whole point of this series is to hear again God’s call to us to be that radical alternative to society that the Church is called to be.

radical people

How to Improve Your Prayer Life

God is calling his Church to pray in these days like never before. Prayer is absolutely vital; it is in fact the Christian’s vital breath. Why then do so many of us struggle with prayer? If it is so important why don’t more of us do it more often? prayer life

God’s Empowering Presence

God empowers us by His presence. Do we make the most of it? Do we even always recognise it. This series looked at topics like His Indwelling Spirit, Power for Service. As the series moved from Easter through Pentecost to Trinity Sunday, it’s probably not surprising the Holy Spirit features quite a lot… gods empowering spirit