Autumn ’17 Magazine published


Our Autumn 2017 magazine is now published, and is available here. . . . → Read More: Autumn ’17 Magazine published

All Change


Change is not easy, But change we must. Things do move on. Read Julia’s latest article here. . . . → Read More: All Change

Listening to God

listening to god

Most of us are not very good at listening full stop, leave alone listening to God. Is this possibly why God gave us two ears and only one mouth, so that we might do twice as much listening as speaking? Read Julia’s latest article here. . . . → Read More: Listening to God

Man Of Sorrows

man of sorrows

Are we guilty of failing to recognise who Jesus is – the Son of God who died for us. Read Julia’s article for Easter here. . . . → Read More: Man Of Sorrows

Spring 2017 Magazine Published

Our Spring 2017 magazine is now published, and is available here. . . . → Read More: Spring 2017 Magazine Published

‘For the Least of These’ (Matthew 25:40)

Least of These

Our Theme for 2017 is ‘from Matthew 25 verse 40: ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” Read Julia’s introduction to the year… . . . → Read More: ‘For the Least of These’ (Matthew 25:40)

God Never Hurries


Read Julia’s New Year Article “God Never Hurries” here. . . . → Read More: God Never Hurries

Missing Christmas?

The Numbering in Bethlehem

There is a painting by the Flemish Renaissance artist Pieter Bruegel the Elder called The Numbering in Bethlehem. . . . → Read More: Missing Christmas?

Good News for All


Read Julia’s latest blog article on Advent here. . . . → Read More: Good News for All

Harvest Celebration

jigsaw explaining harvest

Harvest Services these days don’t have quite the same resonance as in days of old when most people worked on the land. The Agricultural Harvest today is year round, highly mechanised, and no longer directly celebrated in urban churches.

So why do we still bother?

Because we have to much to give thanks for! We . . . → Read More: Harvest Celebration