This Week’s Notices

Week beginning 12th May 2024

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  • Renew 88
  • Foodbank
  • From Pieter
  • Woking Street Angels – the 30-hr shift!

This week

Sunday 12th May 11.00am Worship
Monday 2.00pm Renew 88 Open
Tuesday 9.30am Parents and Toddlers
Thursday 7.30pm Prayer Meeting
Friday 10.00am Renew 88 Open
Saturday 10.00am Little Lights Children’s Choir final meeting
Sunday 19th May 11.00am Worship and Communion
Renew 88 Warm Welcome

Free admission, tea and coffee, games and crafts

Mondays 2:00–4:00pm and Fridays 10:00am–12:00noon


The following are required: Cartons of fruit juice and squash, tins of tomatoes and meat, jars of peanut butter, chocolate spread and pasta sauce, sponge puddings, bottles of washing up liquid and shampoo, and size 2 & 6 nappies.

Church Duty Rota

We will shortly start preparing the duty rota for May-August. Please let Eric know of any dates you won’t be available, or if you would like to join, or change what you do.

From Pieter

The Little Lights

This Saturday morning (May 18) is the last time The Little Lights will be singing.  Parents will attend and you are welcome as well between 10 and 11.

Street AngelsWoking Street Angels – the 30-hr shift!

Firstly, thank you all for your going prayer support to Woking Street Angels (WSA). It is a real comfort and blessing when out on a shift to know that people are praying for us.

This coming weekend, Woking Street Angels will be running a 30-hour shift, beginning at 9:30pm on Friday 17th of May and ending at the 4:00am Sunday 19th! (I will be on duty Saturday afternoon.). There will also be an information stall in the town centre.

WSA volunteers are undertaking this mammoth task in order to raise awareness in Woking of the, often unseen, work that they do in the town and for the community, as well as much needed funds. In the last year, they have given out 33 blankets, cleared up 2,965 bottles and helped 706 people. They have also sat and listened to 90 people with open hearts and open minds and helped 63 people home safely. These statistics reflect the hard work of all the dedicated volunteers who generously give up their time to make the streets of Woking a safer place.

There are countless unseen moments of the Street Angels going above and beyond to ensure those who need it are kept safe. This can include anything from providing a hot cup of coffee, a listening ear, sitting with someone until they are sober enough to take a taxi home, helping to locate a lost friend or personal items, waiting with someone for an ambulance to arrive.

If you would like to contribute financially to this event, you can do so via this link or speak to Eric or Linda. However, the most powerful support are your prayers, so thank you again.