This Week’s Notices

Week Beginning 17th January 2021

In this edition:

  • Last Sunday’s Address
  • Next Sunday’s Worship
  • Notice of a church meeting
  • Pieter and Hetty’s Induction Service
  • SEBA Job Vacancy
  • Life in the Spirit Seminars

Last Sunday’s Address

Rob Stevens spoke on Mark 1:14-15 :  “Jesus comes to you” and his address is below. If you would like a copy of the service on CD or DVD we now have the facility to do this in small numbers.

The printed version can be found here: 17th January 2021.

Next Sunday’s Worship

Our moderator, Rev Mike Stanbrook will lead our worship, from Ephesians 4v1-14,

Notice of a church meeting

Our worship on 24th January will include a brief Church member’s meeting. All are welcome to attend, listen and contribute but any decisions can only be voted on by members. There will just three items on the agenda:

  • Proposal to authorise the deacons to agree short term rented accommodation for Pieter and Hetty Lalleman, should the manse not be vacated in time.
  • An application for church membership by transfer from Chatsworth Baptist Church, West Norwood from Rev Dr Pieter and Dr Hetty Lalleman.
  • A budget for 2021, which be circulated well in advance; questions would appreciate before the meeting to keep what can be a dry subject short!!!

Pieter and Hetty’s Induction Service

In line with the decision not to open the church for worship, and in order to minimise travel by guest participants, Pieter and Hetty’s induction service will be held on Zoom. We realise this will make it harder for some to participate, but is in line with Government guidance, and in the best interest of everybody’s well-being.

There will be an active role for the church membership to take in the service affirming the call to ministry and you are all therefore encouraged to make every effort to join us. Why not practise by joining is or any of the upcoming Sundays!

  • Date: Saturday 30th January
  • Time: 3pm
  • Zoom details here

Our service will be led by Rev Mike Stanbrook. Rev Stuart Davison, SEBA regional Minister and Team Leader will conduct the induction using words reflecting the online nature of the occasion, and the address will be by Rev Christopher Voke, a friend of Pieter and Hetty and former fellow tutor at Spurgeon’s college.

We will be joined by representative of many local churches, our local councillors, Spurgeon’s College, and internationally by Pieter and Hetty’s friends and family – we hope to “see” you there as well.

We will of course celebrate the arrival of Pieter and Hetty “properly” in the Summer once restrictions have been lifted, and largely repeat the service as a reconfirmation of induction when everybody can be present. Watch out for your Vaccine invitation!

SEBA Job Vacancy

SEBA have taken the decision to employ a part-time Operations Manager to lead the operations and administration of the association and are now recruiting. This appointment will enable them to be more proficient in our charitable compliance, more effective in our operations and will release our regional ministers for ministry and mission support and resourcing.

The appointment will be for up to 24 Hours per week, Home based & flexible working.

For more details & an application form email:

Deadline for applications: Noon, 22nd January 2021

Life in the Spirit Seminars

Roger Furnell, a parishioner at St Hugh of Lincoln Roman Catholic Church ha asked us to extend an invitation to a series of seminars hosted by his Siloam Prayer Group on “Life in the Spirit” being held from Tuesday 23rd February for 7 weeks, with a taster session on Tuesday 16th Feb. All are at 8pm on Zoom.

He writes:

These seminars are not just any old course, they are life changing and will lead you to a place where you can ask Jesus to reveal himself to you in a very personal, unique and life changing encounter. You will experience how loved you are, just for who you are.

Speakers, who are just ordinary people, will inspire you by their talks and testimonies of their own experience and, over several weeks, will open up God’s love, how he gives his Spirit to you and where you go from there.

Tune in on Zoom to the “Come and See” session where we will explain everything, and you can ask questions. This ‘one off’ is on Tuesday 16th February at 8 p.m. To get your Zoom access codes, please contact us. After “Come and See”, you can sign up for the remainder of the course which will be each Tuesday starting 23rd February for 7 weeks.

For more information contact us .

‘Life in the Spirit’ seminars are recommended by Pope Francis.

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