This Week’s Notices

I have made you and I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you.

Isaiah 46:4b

Weekly Notices – Week beginning 25th July 2021

In this edition:

  • Next Sundays’ Worship
  • Manse Occupied! 😊
  • COVID Response / In Church Worship
  • From Pieter
  • Called Home – Rev Bob Younger
  • Celebration of Life – Pam Younger
  • Points for Prayer and Family News
  • Dates for your diary + Zoom quick links
  • Sermon Notes

Next Sundays’ Worship

Sunday 1st August: Pieter will continue his series in Exodus

In-church worship is available to anyone who would like to attend, but we recommend remaining online. While no longer legally mandated, church policy for COVID has not yet been changed and if attending you will need to wear a mask, observe social distancing and contact tracing requirements.

Contact Us for Details

Manse Occupied! 😊

Pieter and Hetty are now safely installed in the manse, albeit possibly not quite settled yet!  The phone and broadband will only catch up with them later this week, so if you need to speak to one, the church number might be best, or please contact one of the deacons.

COVID Response / In Church Worship

The Deacons meet on August 3rd to try and navigate the minefield of advice, conflicting views and opinion over how best to conduct worship and other events in the church.

Please keep them in your prayers as they work through this – the changes are probably not going to be easy or quick.

Called Home – Rev Bob Younger

It with a mixture of sadness and relief that we have to inform you that Bob Younger was called home last night. He is now reunited with his wife Pam, and relieved of all the suffering of recent years.

Bob was minister of this church for 16 years until his retirement in 2000.

As soon as we have details of any funeral arrangements, we will let you know.

Celebration of Life – Pam Younger

There will be a celebration of the life and ministry of Pam Younger at 12 noon on Saturday 4th September, at Heathervale Baptist Church, New Haw. The service will be followed by an informal buffet lunch.  It is not known whether this will be affected by Bob’s passing, but I guess it may now be broadened to celebrate them both!  The service will be streamed online as well as welcome worshipers in building.

This date does clash with our Family event on the same day – those organising will work out how to make both possible!

From Pieter

  1. 1.        May I remind you that on Sunday 8 August after the service we will talk about the plans to start Renew Wellbeing in our church?
  2. 2.        The deacons have chosen Tuesday evening 28 September for the annual general meeting of the church.
  3. 3.        The start date for our children’s choir has been set on Saturday 11 September.
  4. 4.        Details of our summer post-lockdown feast on Saturday 4 September are still to be worked out but do reserve the date please.  We are allowed to use the garden behind the church, so we are hoping for fine weather.  Do contact Hetty or Craig if you have any suggestions.
  5. 5.        We will have prayer meetings on 12 and 26 August.  In September we will start our other meetings again, as follows:
9 September Prayer meeting
16 September Meeting on outreach
23 September Prayer meeting
30 September Meeting on outreach
7 October Prayer meeting
14 October No meeting
21 October Prayer meeting
28 October Evening on Revelation
4 November Prayer meeting
11 November Evening on Revelation
18 November Prayer meeting
25 November Evening on Revelation

The reason for teaching on the Book of Revelation is that I hope to be preaching on it from 22 August until 21 November.

1.       Please cover these plans in your prayers.

Dates for your diary

Collecting all the various dates together!!!

Thu 29th Jul 7.30pm Type * Prayer Meeting
Tue 3rd Aug 7.30pm Zoom Deacons meet to discuss church opening and Covid procedures
Sun 8th Aug 11.00am Hybrid Brief Worship followed by a church meeting
Thu 12th Aug 7.30pm Zoom Prayer Meeting
Sun 29th Aug 9.00am In Person Knaphill Village Fun Day and Fair
Sat 4th Sep 12.00 Hybrid Celebration of Pam Younger’s Life @ Heathervale
Sat4th Sept TBA In-Person Church Social
Thu 9th Sept 7.30pm Zoom Prayer Meeting
Tue 28th Sept TBA In-Person Church Annual General Meeting

* Type: Zoom meetings are remote only, Hybrid are in-person (at Church) also on Zoom, In Person are face to face only with no Zoom option. Info meeting type is for prayer only as this is not a general event.