Welcome to our church – we invite you to look around and get a feel for who we are. Feel free to share any comments or questions that might be on your mind with us through our Contact Page. We’ve learnt from the challenges of the past couple of years, so we are continuing the use of Zoom for many of meetings, even though we’re back to meeting normally, meaning those more distant or unable to attend in person can take a full part in our worship and prayer meetings. 

If you’re not currently a member of our church – we’d like to take this opportunity to invite you to one of our weekly services. Please get in touch and we’ll be happy to share the details. We look forward to being able to welcome you!

Welcome to Worship


Renew 88Wellbeing space opens in Knaphill

We’re Open! The church is open on Monday afternoons 2:00–4:00pm and Friday mornings 10:00am– 12:00noon as a quiet shared space where it’s OK not to be OK. The project takes its name from the national charity Renew Wellbeing, which helps local churches to set up safe spaces for anyone in their community to attend to their wellbeing. In Knaphill the number 88 indicates the location of the church on the High Street.

Renew 88 is a welcoming space which strives to support emotional and mental wellbeing in a spirit of acceptance, belonging and community. The aim is to help reduce loneliness and social isolation. It’s a ‘bring a hobby, share a hobby’ co-produced space where all local residents are welcome, any faith or none. Jigsaws and board games are available, and people can also bring their own. The room at the back of the church will be used as a quiet space for prayer and meditation should people wish to make use of it, so that element is optional.

Click here for more details.

Food for Thought

We’re really pleased to introduce you to “Food for Thought”, a weekly video of thoughts from Pieter or Hetty. we hope you’ll enjoying watching them and share them widely. Here’s the most recent one from Pieter. You’ll usually find them here: Food for Thought.