How Jesus Helps People – 2018

How Jesus Helped People, and is still helping today

A series on the Missional nature of church and how Jesus reaches out to people today just as he ever did. 

How Jesus Helped People

14th January 2018
21st January 2018
Broken Relationships
 broken relationships
28th January 2018
The Men who were Afraid
 Men who were Afraid
4th February 2018
The Woman who needed Healing
 The woman who needed healing
11th February 2018
The Seeker after Truth
18th February 2018
The Sinful Woman
 sinful woman
4th March 2018
The Man Unable to help himself
 The man unable to help himself
11th March 2018
The Man Who Failed
 The Man who failed
18th March 2018
The Man who Doubted
 The Man who doubted