Robin Hood visits Knaphill

Robin HoodRobin Hood was seen in Knaphill last Sunday, and whilst his archery skills had lost more than a little of their shine, his zeal for freeing the peope from the evil Sheriff of Nottingham was no less present. He just …ummmm… didn’t want to kill him…

Confiding in Little John, his trusted Number Two, Robin was heard to deny wanting to be rid of anybody, rather he wanted to liberate the Sheriff, help him see the error of his ways and set him free from evil. Robin felt that even the Sheriff deserved a second chance, despite growing up in Nottingham!

In a further revelation, Robin Hood also confided that it was only the teaching in the letters he’d received from Maid Marion that kept his Archery skills on top notch, and having lost them, he was struggling. Little John was able to set the matter straight finding that Robin Hood was using the bundle of letters as the practise target. Funny, but the letters were unscathed!

The comedy sketch by Craig and Sohan, with Judy as the voice of Maid Marion reading her own letters, marked “Bible Sunday”. The “Free to Go” campaign aims to help churches understand the work of the Bible Society and their aims to set free the lost people of the world who don’t have the Gospel in their own language, by allowing them to read for themselves the teachings of Jesus. The Bible Society  is working to provide copies or portions of the Bible in many more languages than currently exist,  and we heard of the celebrations of the Kikagulu people of Tanzania who can now read the Good News in their own language rather than Swahili, which many cannot read or speak.

Read more about the work of the Bible Society and their work here.

Our Theme for 2024

There is but one Lord, Jesus Christ,
through whom all things came and through whom we live.

1 Corinthians 8:6